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The Best Botox in Fairfield and Westport

New Beauty & Wellness in Westport

There are plenty of places to get Botox in Fairfield and Westport, but chances are, if you’re looking to improve your appearance, you’ll want to be in the best hands possible. But, it can be tough to know where to start if you’re looking for your first (or a new) Botox provider.

Enter: our list of the very best places to get Botox in the area. We’ve tried all but one of the providers below (the other is a known local favorite), and can attest to the quality, professionalism, cleanliness and results of each.

The Best Botox in Fairfield and Westport

New Beauty Wellness, Westport

One of the things we like most about New Beauty Wellness? The ambience. When you walk in, you’re greeted with the smell of eucalyptus, the sound of running water, and a clean, calming atmosphere. It feels like a retreat, and we’re always a little bit tempted to book a massage immediately after our Botox.

Aside from the ambience, the spa’s aesthetic services are staffed by a talented duo of medical professionals, Erin Myers-Albaridi, a Board Certified PA-C and Allergan trainer, and Tom Bondarchuk, a Board Certified APRN. Both Erin and Tom have extensive experience in medicine and aesthetics, and create beautiful results with Botox. They also track each client’s injection areas and quantities so they can adjust accordingly (or simply repeat the desired results) at future appointments. Word has it that local celebs trust these two with their Botox, too.

Dr. Flora Levin, Westport

Oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Flora Levin specializes in transformative, natural-looking eyelid surgeries, but her office also offers a variety of medspa services, including Botox. If you follow Dr. Levin on Instagram, then you know she is fastidious about her results, no matter what service she is offering. She also personally trains each and every one of her staff in her methods and quality standards (even those who come to her with years of experience at other practices), so you can assure you’re getting an experienced pro.

If you’re considering additional procedures, especially surgical ones, Dr. Levin is a must-visit, too, because her team can create a holistic plan to achieve your results.

The office, on Post Rd., is modern and clean, and the staff is friendly and fun.

Modern Dermatology, Westport

Modern Dermatology, in Westport, is one of the go-to medspas in the Fairfield and Westport area — many locals swear by it. It’s a traditional dermatology office, staffed by a team of five doctors. Because of that, it can take time to get an appointment, so you’ll want to plan ahead. Modern Dermatology is also on the expensive side, but those who go say there’s no better provider in the area.

Newtown MediSpa, Fairfield

Newtown MediSpa started in Newtown, but expanded to a second, Post Rd. location in Fairfield a few years later after its original practice grew quickly. The spa is regularly ranked among the top Botox providers in the state of Connecticut, in terms of volume, and the spa also has 4.9/5 stars on Google. modern, clean, and large, and regularly runs discounts and promotions on its services. It’s also fairly easy to get an appointment within a few days, in case of aesthetic emergency.

Is there somewhere you love that’s not on our list? Send us suggestions, and why you love them, to hello@thefairfielfcountybee.com