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Fairfield fashion line Marea debuts on ShopBop

Fairfield blogger and entrepreneur Liz Joy announced today that her clothing label, Marea, will be carried by ShopBop.

Joy, who started out as the blogger behind Pure Joy Home, and later launched a brand of rose, and a clean home fragrance and cleaning company FloraCo, started Marea in 2022. The clothing brand represents Joy’s feminine style, but is most inspired by her love of the ocean and coastal living (she’s a Fairfield Beach resident).

Joy opened a bricks-and-mortar store at 63 Unquowa Rd in Fairfield last fall, and also sells the clothing through her website, ShopMarea.com.

The ShopBop collection is made up of 15 piece from Marea’s spring 2023 collection. Joy shared the news on Instagram, saying:

“Today marks a huge milestone in the very short history of Marea, but the long life of a loyal and dedicated community that is all of us ? When I started sharing about clothes and fashion in 2015, Shopbop was always at the very top of my list. I learned a lot about my style from Shopbop and have grown to love so many of the brands they carry. For the past few years it’s been an honor to work with them as an ambassador, and I have only grown to love them even more. The team I get to work with is amazing, they are super supportive and always encouraging.

Today, our very own @mareathebrand is a brand that SHOPBOP CARRIES. For us, this is the best of both worlds colliding and now, we CELEBRATE.

From a girl who grew up shopping at Bradlees, Caldors and the Gap (which was always splurge), you have helped me build a career in fashion and have launched this brand alongside me always cheering me on.

THANK YOU to my amazing team, Ashley (who kicked this whole project into gear when she came on board in 2021), Abby, Steph, Jaclyn, Kate and Allyson, you all have been by my side and made this dream come true.

THANK YOU to my family for supporting me as I chase my dreams, my mom and dad for pushing me to take the road less travelled, and all my friends for being there in all stages of my life.

AND MOST OF ALL, to YOU!! You have been here since I was making seashell frames and blogging about beach houses back in 2009. Every single day that I get to wake up and share my life and happenings with you is a GIFT that is never lost on me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being on this journey with me.

I hope you love the collection we put together for @shopbop ??

xoxo, Liz”