The Best Pizza in Fairfield – Our favorite spots for a slice (or three)

A pizza from Colony Grill, some of the best pizza in Fairfield

Looking for the best pizza in Fairfield? Keep reading.

Connecticut is known for its picturesque towns rooted in history, breathtaking fall foliage, and scenic shorelines, but locals know that it’s also an incredible spot to live if you’re a pizza lover (the state has even won numerous ‘best pizza in America’ titles).

The next time you’re craving a pie fresh out of the oven with an epic, reel-worthy cheese pull as you snag the first slice, check out some of the best pizza in Fairfield, Connecticut!

The Best Pizza in Fairfield

Colony Grill Pizza

1520 Post Road, Fairfield, CT

Image via Colony Grill

Most people think of pizza as an Italian food, but Colony Grill Pizza has their own take on the classic favorite. If the shamrock on their signage didn’t give it away, Colony Grill is an Irish pizza joint known for its thin-crust pizza topped with their exclusive, pepper-infused hot oil that compliments their pies perfectly.

Founded by Irish-Americans after the Prohibition era in 1935, Colony Grill was opened in an Irish immigrant neighborhood in Stamford. The restaurant served a full menu of meals, along with their pizza, which had to be engineered to fit on the narrow bar top. With a bit of ingenuity from the chefs at Colony Grill, the bar pie– or extremely thin pizza spread sparingly with toppings to ensure the crust’s integrity– was born.

In the nearly 100 years since Colony Grill’s founding, their pizza has remained the most popular item on the menu. Soon, the grill became obsolete and as a result, their mouthwatering pizza is now the only item on the menu. If you’re looking for pizza, Colony Grill is hands down one of the best restaurants in Fairfield.

Frank Pepe’s

238 Commerce Dr, Fairfield, CT

Frank Pepe’s is consistently a front runner amongst Nutmeggers debating the best pizza in the state. Steeped in history, Frank Pepe began making pizza in 1925, at his original store in New Haven, using techniques from his hometown of Naples, Italy.

In their nearly 100 years in operation, Frank Pepe’s (or Pepe’s as the locals call it) has expanded to 15 stores in seven states, including the Fairfield location. Still, Pepe’s has never strayed from the quality of their ingredients and their dough technique that allows for a full, rich tasting crust. On top of that, pizzas are cooked to perfection in custom made bread ovens designed to create the best possible flavors.

One of the most popular pizza pies on the menu is Pepe’s White Clam pizza, topped with fresh clam, garlic, oregano, grated pecorino Romano and olive oil. For traditionalists, their original tomato pie with mozzarella is tough to rival. Pepe’s pizzas are such an intrinsic part of local lore that even celebrities like President Ronald Regan, President Bill Clinton, Robin Williams, Meryl Streep, and Danny DeVito have stopped by for a slice!

Planet Pizza

733 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT

Planet Pizza is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in the Fairfield area, and has a menu that can appease even those with the most insatiable appetite. They are known for their wide variety of offerings including classic pizza, pan pizza, pizza rolls, and pizza by the slice. One local favorite is salad pizza, a cheeseless pie topped with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, and olive. They also offer a great gluten free option, too.

Planet Pizza has loads of traditional pies and toppings on their menu. For those looking for a twist on the classic pizza, try their “The Works” pizza featuring a sampler of all of their toppings, or other classic combos like buffalo chicken pizza, chicken parmesan pizza, and Hawaiian pizza.

If you’re not in the mood for a pie, Planet Pizza has no shortage of menu offerings including classic appetizers, soups, salads, wings, calzones, subs, burgers, wraps, pasta (the penne vodka is very popular), and other traditional Italian dishes. Everyone can find something they’ll love at Planet Pizza.

Nauti Dolphin

195 Unquowa Rd, Fairfield, CT

Do you find yourself searching for a delectable dinner when you’re traveling or commuting from the city? The Nauti Dolphin is a favorite Fairfield Italian restaurant of commuters and travelers alike. A little gem known for its New York City style, The Nauti Dolphin is located at the Fairfield Metro station. Those coming and going on the train can skip the snacks from Hudson News in favor of fresh, delectable options from Nauti Dolphin.

Their thin crust creations are a favorite among locals who say it rivals New Haven pizza. You can’t go wrong with their classic margherita pie, but Nauti Dolphin has a list of specialty pies that are especially loved by regulars including Clams Casino pizza and The Black Pearl pie filled with scallops, clams, and shrimp.

The house salad is also a popular menu item for those looking for a healthy side with their pizza. Nauti Dolphin also offers other classic Italian options like calzones, grinders, chicken or eggplant parmesan, and antipasto.

Primo Pizza

2424 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT

Image via Primo Pizza

Don’t let it’s location deter you! Primo Pizza sits in a building on Black Rock Turnpike that’s attached to a gas station, but by no means is this gas-station pizza. Primo offers a quality pizza, and fast delivery that you can schedule online in advance (which is great for Friday nights or if you’ve got a dozen kids coming over for a birthday party).

The days of clipping pizza coupons from the local newspaper and awaiting delivery can feel like a bygone era, but Primo Pizza works to offer customers quality food at the best possible price with their clipless coupons. It’s a family favorite in the Fairfield area, offering a half price pizza special that can feed the entire family.

Primo Pizza offers traditional and specialty pies with thin, original, and extra thick crust customization. Specialty pies range from the standard Napoletano Primavera, and Meat Lovers to a Breakfast Pizza with scrambled eggs, cheese, and your choice of three toppings.

They also offer lunch box deals with a personal pizza option for when you get a pizza craving during the workday. You can’t go wrong with Primo’s affordable, delicious pizza and delivery services.

Other Fairfield Pizza Spots We Love:

  • Molto, 1215 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT : The perfect spot for pizza and Italian food in a stylish, cafe-like atmosphre
  • Riko’s Pizza, Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT: This pie is similar in style and size to Colony Grill, and is a great option for those with live in northern Fairfield and are looking for something closer than Colony.
  • Sammy’s Southport, Pequot Ave, Southport, CT: Sammy’s is a small, classic pizza restaurant in the Southport neighborhood, perfect for stopping by on the way home from the nearby train station
  • Maione’s, 1244 Stratfield Rd., Fairfield, CT : Maione’s is a Strafield-neighborhood staple, and a go-to for pizza and Italian classics.
  • Sally’s Apizza, Commerce Dr, Fairfield, CT: A Fairfield outpost of the famous Sally’s needs no further explanation.
  • Sophie’s Pizza Bar, Brick Walk, Fairfield, CT: Sophie’s occupies the former Brick+Wood space, and is a stylish and popular spot to grab a slice (be prepared to wait on weekends).